Face coverings MANDATORY on entry. They can be removed when in the circuit and stretching areas. Please replace your face covering when exiting.

Please come gym ready if possible. Private Changing rooms are available if necessary.

Personal items to be stored in the coin return lockers at the entrance. Please use the hand sanitizer to sanitize your coin or token before using it. Retrieve the antibac spray and cleaning cloth from your locker as this will be used by you to clean anything you touch. Think of the cleaning you do before you use something as protecting you and the cleaning you do after as protecting others.

Items that may be brought into the circuit area include:

Locker key
Anti bac spray and cloth
Face covering – kept on your person (face, pocket or pinned to your shirt) or in a plastic bag when removed and placed in your personal space in the circuit area
Water bottle
Phone and house keys if not using the locker

There is a water cooler to top up drinks bottles. Please bring your own as they will not be provided.

A member of staff will sign you in.

Listen to the cue as to where to start (Station A, B or C) and where to continue (Forward or Backward to A, B or C). Forward movement is always counter clockwise (to the right when facing the center). There will always be 2 stations between you and other members You must move when instructed, this will keep the pattern of 2 stations between you and other members. It is your responsibility to maintain a 2 meter distance from others when moving about the facility. Staff will assist in maintaining adherence.

All members must exit by 20 past to allow for cleaning and the next session group to enter creating a one way system and to lessen the likelihood of of members waiting to enter.

We’re all in this together. With 15 windows, air purifiers, carbon dioxide monitoring and fans to keep the air as fresh as possible and humidity levels up it’s a lovely space to do your circuit training session.


Covid Information