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Our Staff

Just ask our members!

No matter how I feel before I get to the gym or whatever the weather is doing outside, I always feel 100% better after my workout!  After just a couple of weeks I am already feeling more energetic and fitter and the waistband on my clothes is much looser too.  I love the way that Margaret and Joline take a personal interest in me and my progress.  And the friendly chats always make the time go so quickly. Can’t wait to come each time. Charlotte


I am 67 and find this workout absolutely perfect.  It’s a brilliant idea! Diana Dixon

Since joining a few weeks ago optimum results have been noticed quickly.  I feel firmer and more toned.  The equipment is easy to use, a maximum workout in the minimum time.  The results have inspired me to keep going. R. Prichard

I come with my mum and enjoy the workout. Lucy

Since joining 2 months ago I’ve lost 12 lbs and 40cm from all over my body.  I feel much better! Sue

My knees have benefited since joining.  A happy and supportive place for us all. Alexia

Doing better in mind, body and soul.  It’s so quick and simple.  I have been recommending this to a lot of my patients and friends. Mandy

I like the fact that it’s all female and all ages, shapes and sizes.  A lovely friendly atmosphere.  And I feel noticeably stronger and have more stamina - I’m so glad I plucked up the courage to come in and inquire after not exercising in years! Di Baker