At Westbury Trym and Tone, any woman can participate and see results regardless of age or physical fitness level.

Perfect Workout

The Perfect Workout

Our bright, friendly and supportive environment and continuously running, structured programme allows members to de-stress from their busy lives and enjoy the copious benefits of aerobic and strength training within a 30 minute programme. 

Our members are consistently mentioning their increased energy levels, improved appearance, improved feelings of wellbeing and the purchases of smaller sizes in clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the programme best suited for?
Women of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels are able to benefit from this workout.
What are the benefits of using your circuit regularly?

improve cardiovascular health.
improve sense of well-being.
reduce the risk of diabetes.
improve sleep patterns.
lower total cholesterol.
increase metabolism.
improve flexibility.
increase libido.
promote inch loss.
promote weight loss.
improve muscle tone.
decrease stress levels.
increase energy levels.
slow the aging process.
reduce the risk of stroke.
lower high blood pressure.
quicken and clarify thinking.
reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
reduce the risk of some cancers.

How many machines are in the circuit?
There are 10 hydraulic machines and 10 recovery/rest stations included in the circuit. The recovery/rest stations are platforms cushioned to absorb the impact of your movements.
Do you use every major muscle group in the circuit?
Each machine works a set of muscles and by completing a circuit you have worked every major muscle group in the body. Most of our machines are double positive, working opposing muscle groups, one set on the push and the opposing group on the pull.
Will I get a Cardiovascular (aerobic) workout at the same time?
Yes. An aerobic workout is achieved by maintaining your heat rate with in a particular range. We have easy to use heart rate monitors on the circuit. Using them will help you to achieve the desired heart rate range. Most women are pleasantly surprised at the amount of effort it takes to get into the aerobic range. Remember it is a regular workout of moderate intensity that is going to give you results.
How long is the workout?
Each workout is designed to be a non-stop interval training workout lasting 30 minutes.
What sets this 30-minute circuit programme apart from the others?
The primary reason the Westbury Trym and Tone workout is different from our competition is due to our equipment. Our equipment is specially designed adjusts automactically to your fitness level. Because the resistance is controlled by how fast you push and pull the handles you get the perfect workout every time. The amount of time you spend on each “station” changes from 30, 45 and 60 seconds causing you to vary the workout on different muscle groups. In some of the 30 minute workout centres you will reach a plateau around the six-month mark because there has been no change in your workout.  Our workout structure makes your workout different every time which constantly challenges your body and helps avoid a fitness plateau.

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