We are very interested in your success. We know ourselves how hard it can be to get into a new routine.

Committed to your success!

We are very interested in helping you to succeed. The woman of the house has a tendency to put their needs at the bottom of the list. If that is you, if you were to put your health and well being at the top of the list you'll soon find that you are able to support your loved ones much more effectively.

To help support you in reaching your fitness and weight loss goals, in addition to our very effective low impact workout, we offer the following services free to all our members.

Health Assessment*

6 weekly assessments include the following:

  • Weight
  • Body Fat%
  • Water%
  • Blood Pressure and Resting Heart Rate
  • Tape measurements of Bust, Waist, Abdominal area, Bottom, Mid-Thigh, Calf and Upper Arm

6 weekly assessments must be booked with the same consultant, a reminder will let you know if you have passed your assessment date.

Non-Attendance Calling Service*

If you haven’t completed at least one workout during the week, we'll send you a text. We can even call you at a time you set as your goal to make it to the gym if you haven’t turned up. Sometimes if you tell someone else what you intend to do it makes you more likely to do it. This is available if you’re having trouble restarting your routine.

*Note: Participation in each of these services is optional. Members are not required to participate.