Be the you, you want to be!

Ever wonder where those negative thoughts you have come from?  In our interactions with others we learn the consequences of certain behaviours.  These obviously vary from person to person.  But basically it’s all down to other people’s expectations of you not being met.  As adults we now have more control and responsibility for ourselves.  Take it!  It’s your life! 

Assert yourself whilst nurturing your relationships with clear communication and considered compromise.  Pay particular attention to your relationship with yourself. Habits of a lifetime are hard to break but it can happen in an instant when we give up our attachment to whatever is holding it in place.  I’ve been told by members and friends that I can be quite inspirational and encouraging about positive change.  I personally think being you starts with accepting yourself as you are.  At Westbury Trym and Tone our focus is on creating a welcoming, shame and competition free environment for women of all ages, fitness levels and sizes to enjoy improving their physical and mental health with exercise, social interaction and relaxation.

Yours in Fun and Fitness