Be yourself, only better.

At Westbury Trym and Tone we have ‘Be Yourself Only Better’ in large letters across the largest wall in our gym.  My father helped me paint it when he came over from America to help me get settled after separating from my ex-husband.  It’s a reminder to me of how much he cares.  Sometimes people tell me their interpretation of these words feels negative or judgemental.  I personally find these words inspiring.  They tell me I don’t have to; be like other people, be a size 10, never eat cake or chocolate, enjoy what others enjoy, dislike what others dislike, be quiet and not express my opinions, keep a stiff upper lip and so on. They tell me it’s ok to be me and in accepting myself I can focus on healthy habits.  Being better for me is about being free to; enjoy life, enjoy people, experience nature, appreciate my body as it is and take better care of it.  It’s about being graceful in the face of life’s ups and downs.  It’s about knowing when I need help and asking for it.  It’s about feeling my emotions and accepting them, positive or negative, as normal.  It’s about listening to others and letting their perspective open up my world of understanding, possibility and love.  I hope they might inspire you too.